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We Support International Individuals and Families during
their Transition and Adaptation to Switzerland


About Living Cultures


Living Cultures, based in Zurich, Switzerland, helps people to live in a new culture and
provides internationally mobile individuals and families with the support, knowledge
and skills they need to ensure a successful transition and adaptation to life in a new
country. Learning to live and be effective in a new culture can be challenging but also
eye opening and fun.  Living successfully in a new culture is more than knowing where
to shop, how to use the train system or who to greet first in a business meeting.  Our
philosophy is that cross-cultural adjustment includes:

• Feeling connected to others

• Having a sense of belonging

• Experiencing personal growth

• Developing cross-cultural awareness

• Increasing intercultural competence

• Being effective in more than one culture


Quality and Standards
Living Cultures offers workshops and consulting services for individuals, families, culturally diverse school communities, international organizations and corporations.  We concentrate in four major areas:
 • ?Intercultural English Programs in Boston for Executives
     or for Teachers
Our intercultural training programs adhere to the quality standards presented at a congress organized by the Swiss National UNESCO Commission in Bern in 2001.  We are committed to offering superior service.  Our mission is to provide information and knowledge to make the most of your international experience. We pride ourselves on our personal, congenial approach, and honor the trust families and groups place in us. Confidentiality is ensured
Pricing for individual, family or group programs vary depending on duration, number of participants and content.

Founder, Trainers,
and Facilitators

Mónica Reppas-Schmid is the founder of Living Cultures and is a Swiss citizen. She holds primary and secondary teaching degrees, as well as a Masters Degree in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University in New England.  Her specialties are cross-cultural training and life adjustment for individuals and families as well as teachers' training in the Swiss and International school community.  Born in La Paz, Bolivia, she has lived, studied and worked in South America, the United States and Europe. Mónica is married to an American and they have three young children. She is a co-organizer of IGIK, a network group of intercultural trainers in Switzerland, and works closely with AGIKO at the Ethnological Seminar at the University of Zurich.
Living Cultures workshops are lead by specialized trainers and facilitators who provide experience, diversity and multiple perspectives to our programs.


International Collaboration
Living Cultures works in association with Bridging Cultures, Inc. and Global Immersion, Inc., both in the USA.

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