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Trailing Spouse or the Star who makes it possible

Living Cultures focuses on the intercultural adjustment phase of individuals and families. We believe that the Trailing Spouse or the star behind the executive world needs and deserves additional attention.

Living Cultures offers the following  workshop specifically to the Trailing Spouse. Intercultural Success Team Focus on the Trailing Spouse “What do I do now that I’m In Switzerland?" - Read more for Success Team

According to www.wordspy.com a Trailing Spouse is defined as: ”in a relationship, the person who gives up their job in order to follow the other person to a new location where that person has found employment.”

Profile of the Typical Trailing Spouse

  • Source: The 2005 Trailing Spouse Survey conducted by Yvonne McNulty
  • Married (97%) for at least 4 years (72%)
  • Female (91%) with children (57%)
  • Under 40 years of age (54%)
  • Has been on an international assignment before (58%)  
  • Speaks two or more languages (58%)
  • Is a dual-career family (67%)
  • Has a bachelor’s degree of higher (84%)
  • Had to give up a career to relocate (64%)
  • Cannot continue a career or get paid employment due to work permit/visa restrictions (55%)

A New Generation of Trailing Spouses - The Trailing Man

Rosmarie Mimler at Global Excellence

20% of expatriate employees are now female. More men are now trailing spouses often having to give up their jobs to become the “supporting partner”. One issue both male and female trailing spouses face, is a feeling of loneliness and isolation. Living Cultures offers consulting services to both female and male trailing spouses.

STUDS (Spouses Trailing Under Duress Successfully) a support group run by expat trailing males based in Brussels www.belgiumstuds.com or in London www.studsoflondon.com

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