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Intercultural Training

"Switzerland is my home now. Really?"
Living Cultures Workshop
This workshop is designed to help people "live" the international experience. Through our Developmental Model of Cross-Cultural Competence, we address the intercultural and psychological factors which occur as part of the uprooting and relocating process of international mobility. Participants learn to understand their experiences while living in a foreign country, to increase their cross-cultural awareness and skills, and to gain social connections. 5 Sessions at 2 1/2 hours each.
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"Welcome to Zurich Seminar"
The focus of this 1-day seminar is to give newcomers useful information which will enable them to make their move to Switzerland an easier one.  Introduces essential practical and cultural information about daily life in the greater area of Zurich, cultural awareness and conducting business in Switzerland.
"Pre-Departure/Re-Entry Workshops"
These workshops are designed to help participants prepare (pre-departure) for either moving to the USA or returning (re-entry) to their "home" countries.  Participants will enhance their cross-cultural skills, learn about stress management and address issues of cultural identity. For individuals or small groups. (4 to 6 hour workshop)
The move has taken place, the work assignment has begun, and the family has started to settle in the Zurich area. Come share with others the unique opportunities, experiences, and challenges that can await the internationally mobile family.  This workshop identifies the key tasks, opportunities and challenges that individuals, partners and children will experience during the various stages of living internationally.  ( One, 3 hour session)

Self management of competencies CH-Q

in conjunction with WEFA (Verein WEFA: Weiterbildungen für den Arbeitsmarkt)
The main targets of the CH-Q System are empowering individuals and groups to make use of their own potential in a deliberate an realistic way and accept full personal responsibility for it, to take charge of managing their own skills, competencies and qualifications in a sustainable way and last but not least, to focus on resources and solutions while planning their careers.

Focus Groups on International Living

Living Cultures offers Focus groups, which are a series of facilitated sessions designed to focus individuals with issues that come up while living in a foreign country.  In small cross-cultural groups membership participants work together and learn to manage resource constraints and acquire the tools for dealing with personal, geographic and cultural obstacles. Living Cultures focuses on living internationally, health, parenting and career development.
Focus on: "Being a Parent in a New Country"
A structured process facilitated by a Living Cultures staff member to assist parents of children in different age groups to connect and work on individual issues and goals for parenting in a different country. After the four sessions, the groups continue their meetings without the facilitator and become self driven.
Focus on: "Growing Up as a Global Nomad"
These two sessions at 21/2 hours each are designed for individuals and/or parents who wish to better understand the experience of being raised in a different culture.  We addresses what it means for individuals to experience a significant part of their developmental years outside their passport culture.
Focus on: "What do I do now that I'm in Switzerland?" Read about this program
Success Team
Four sessions are designed to focus individuals on defining their personal goals. Participants from different cultures will learn techniques how to stay focused and motivated to breakdown the goal into doable small steps. After the four sessions, the groups continue their meetings without the facilitator and become self driven.
Focus on: "I have to deal with Health Issues.  How do I do this in Switzerland?"
The diagnosis of an illness changes life in many ways and impacts not only the patient, but family members and friends too.  Most of us feel unprepared to cope with this by ourselves, or worry that we lack the knowledge and skills to help those we care about.  To ensure quality these groups are facilitated by a professional health care practitioner.  During the six sessions you will address individual issues, and you will have a safe forum for support and access to accurate information. Depending on interest and need, it may be possible to continue the group beyond the initial six sessions.

Intercultural Consulting Services for Schools

Living Cultures consults Swiss and International Schools how to use its resources to raise intercultural awareness and how to enhance intercultural relationships between the staff, Parents and students.  The programs for parents and students will be individually developed after the need assessment. To provide high quality and diversity we work with additional specialists.  
Programs for Teachers:
Social Skills Development
In today's world of increasing globalization and social complexity, the need for individuals to learn to co-exist and collaborate has become more important than ever.  This workshop provides teachers of all grade-levels with the framework for understanding and learning how to develop the social skills of the students they teach.
Teaching in a Multicultural Classroom
This workshop focuses on helping teachers gain knowledge and skills in how to optimize their teaching from a cross-cultural perspective.  Participants will leave with the tools for perceiving and working with the differences that exist between their own culture and that of the students they teach.

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