Welcome to Switzerland
We Support International Individuals and Families during
their Transition and Adaptation to Switzerland


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Our ongoing events

Integration by being Active“ 
“Success Team”
"Switzerland is your home now. Really?"
Living Cultures Workshop for groups, families or individuals
Five sessions, once a week.
Focus on: "What do I do now that I'm in Switzerland? - Success Team"
Your next step .... WEFA
You are done with your move and now you ask yourself, What about me?
Focus on your personal and professional competencies and put them into action!
Check for programs in English and German and how to obtain a CH-Q 1 certificate at:
http://www.wefa.ch/  +41 (0) 43 244 91 91
"Culture Talk"
Sponsored by Schweizer Relocation.
By invitation only.  Please ask for information!
"Swiss Values and Beliefs"
3-hour workshop tailored for individuals and small groups.
Please ask for more information.
Fluency:  "Intercultural Business English for Executives"
Dates and training content tailored to your individual needs.
"English Program in Boston for Teachers"
Individual programs: upon request
„Success Team“ Reunion

Most of our workshops and programs are designed for individuals, families or groups.  We do our best to offer tailored workshops or programs upon request and when mutually convenient.

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Support and Motivation for the Trailing Spouse read more please contact us
Structured Decision Process Support read more please contact us
Personalized Intercultural Coaching for Individuals and Families read more please contact us
Networking read more

please contact us

Living the International Life   please contact us
What are Intercultural Success Teams read more please contact us
Intercultural Success Team” Focus “ The Trailing Spouse   please contact us
Intercultural Success Teams” Focus on “Parenting   please contact us


Please contact us, if you are interested in these events.



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