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Intercultural English Program in Boston for Teachers

The Intercultural English Program in Boston combines English language study with the goal of improving language competency and cultural awareness. The approach of The Intercultural English Program in Boston is based on a “classroom without walls” philosophy, believing that there is no better or more efficient way to learn a language than to be immersed in it. Curriculum is presented in one-on-one interactive training sessions that take place in a variety of settings in and around the historical, academic and culturally rich city of Boston. Contacts are coordinated to provide real life practice (or hands-on experience) discussing professional topics. Learning is reinforced and expanded through interactions with an American host family and daily life in Boston. The Intercultural English Program in Boston is tailored to meet the individual needs of each client and accommodates various learning styles. Interactive learning is designed to ensure fluency in all areas - English language - U.S. school practices - U.S. culture and daily life.

The program is priced per individual or in groups of three (maximum). Individual programs begin at your convenience. Group programs at reduced rates are usually held during school vacations. Please contact us for details.

It's not just a class - it's an experience!


  • Fully customized, intensive one-on-one English language 9-day program to meet your needs
  • Total immersion in U.S. language and culture
  • Executive Bed & Breakfast homestay
  • Variety of professionally qualified trainers
  • Material addressing U.S. school practices and culture
  • Professional contact with U.S. teacher
  • Unique learning environments and interactive training sessions
  • Guided and suggested cultural activities
  • Airport transfer with private car service
  • Pre-departure materials and welcome packet


“I had a great time. I improved my English language by having fun with very nice and professional teachers. The program was exactly prepared for my needs. Now I have much more self-confidence when dealing with English speaking people."

"My stay in Boston with the Boston Executive Program was a great experience! It was helpful developing both English and personal skills."

“The course is very special. You get the chance to learn and familiarize yourself with Boston. Boston is a very nice city. It helps a lot to be here for learning English.”

“The environment, trainers and all the rest fit together harmoniously to support the experience in a positive way.

“I met great people, learned quite a lot from them and got a glimpse of Boston history and the way of daily living in Boston. My main goal was practicing the language and I received a lot of opportunities to do just that. I would definitely do the program again.”

Living Cultures in Switzerland, a team of trainers in Boston and the Fluency coordinator will work closely with you to develop and deliver a customized curriculum that meets your needs. The goal is to strengthen and expose the client to a variety of authentic communication experiences that contribute toward the overall achievement of the client's learning goals. The advantages of working with multiple trainers are the exposure to diverse areas of expertise and to different training and communication styles.
The Intercultural English Program in Boston is designed so that all clients benefit from a variety of learning environments throughout their length of study. Each interactive session is held at locations in and around the metropolitan Boston area and is accessible by public transportation.


The Intercultural English Program in Boston is 9 days with 44 units of 45 minute interactive training sessions. The equivalent 33 hours of customized intensive one-on-one English-as-a-Second-Language training and U.S. school practices and culture designed for intermediate to advanced level clients. The standard 9-day immersion program starts with your arrival in Boston and the homestay on Saturday and ends the following Sunday. Additional weeks and hours are available upon request.


U.S. Language and Culture

Competency is developed in listening, speaking, pronunciation skills, grammar, reading and writing. The approach to grammar teaching is point-of-use correction, followed up by more in-depth study, dependent on client needs. Idioms, vocabulary, and aspects of U.S. culture are addressed within the program manual and other written texts, as well as through the multiple contexts of training experiences. Small talk and social skills are part of the training dynamics, and scheduled and suggested cultural activities offer additional insight into U.S. culture.  


U.S. School Practices and Culture

Boston and its surrounding cities have a history of being leaders in education. From Montessori schools, to vocational schools. to Harvard and MIT, you see it all. You will have the chance to get insider information on public and private schools. Topics will include: Structure of the US school system, Diversity in U.S. Schools, U.S. Teacher's Training, the Role of a Principal in U.S. Schools, Parent's Participation in U.S. , Cost for Education etc. This information will be the basis for the questions to and the discussion with your professional contact


Intercultural Communication

Trainers in The Intercultural English Program in Boston are specialists in intercultural communication. They work with clients on culture-specific topics (e.g., US versus German language communication issues and styles) and provide culture-general training sessions and materials. Role plays or case studies may be utilized, and additional intercultural materials and resources may be recommended based on client interest and relevancy to job responsibilities.


Contact with U.S. professional

As a unique opportunity to discuss topical issues with American colleagues, the program coordinates a contact with professionals in the academic system. Conversations can be directed according to your interest, such as questions of pedagogy, evaluation tools, or discussions of the overall American educational system. Clients have expressed time and again how useful, educational, and enjoyable they find this direct interaction with an American professional.

* 4 units or 3 training hours can be substituted instead of Professional Contact


The Intercultural English Program in Boston offers a unique total immersion program for intermediate to advanced level clients. In order to design the program to meet your needs, an individual assessment and an application is completed by the client. The Living Cultures coordinator in Switzerland and a the Fluency coordinator from Global Immersions, Inc. in Boston will then contact you for an additional telephone assessments. All business contacts in Switzerland must go through our local representative of Living Cultures.


All Global Immersions Fluency trainers have extensive experience training professionals from many different linguistic and cultural backgrounds who have a range of competencies in English. The trainers offer the following:
  • Advanced degrees in Intercultural Relations, English-as-a-Second Language,
    Foreign Languages, Psychology, Speech Pathology and Communication Disorders
  • Expertise and work experience in a variety of fields
  • Intercultural communication competence
  • International living and working experience


Living with an U.S. host reinforces the Global Immersions Fluency total immersion approach. The homestay experience allows for a greater understanding of U.S. culture and continual practice in a non-structured environment. It is a perfect way to learn about U.S. culture and daily living. All hosts have experience in hosting international visitors and are continuously trained about cultural differences. Each client is matched appropriately with a host depending on homestay preferences. The Executive Bed & Breakfast Homestay includes a fully furnished, clean and comfortable private bedroom, study space, continental breakfast (self-served), Internet access, shared bath, local telephone, laundry facilities, television and all utilities and is within walking distance to public transportation (30-45 minutes to downtown Boston destinations).

What's Not Included

Airline flight, personal expenses, meals (lunch and dinner), snacks and coffee breaks, long distance telephone calls, and optional activities are not included in the program.

Please contact us for further information.
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