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Success Team

What do I do now that I'm in Switzerland?”
Success Team

This interactive workshop series helps individuals define personal goals and develop workable plans for achieving them. Participants will learn how to manage time and resource constraints, and acquire tools for dealing with personal, geographic and cultural obstacles. The workshop offers a supportive environment for participants to exchange ideas and encouragement, and find solutions to problems impending the fulfillment of their personal goals. After four facilitated sessions the group continues to meet on its own.

Participants will:
  • read, discuss and work with Barbara Sheer's book Wishcraft
  • do individualized and group work
  • learn techniques how to stay focused
  • define personal goals
  • break down goals into doable small steps
  • keep motivated and moving toward a goal through structured team meetings

A participant wrote:
I think this is a clear example of a course for which you can say: “You get out of it what you put into it”. I think the more serious you are about moving towards your goal, the more focused and energized you will be. For those less certain of what they want to achieve, motivation and encouragement and a bit of pushing is needed. It was helpful to read, to do homework and really “work, thereby resulting in a more satisfying result.  I also loved the concept of the team.

Examples of goals pursued:
  • Going back to school
  • Be more organized at home
  • Small business
  • Publishing books and articles
  • Include sport, music, culture in daily life

TIME COMMITMENT:  Four 2 1/2 hour sessions with two facilitators, plus reading and homework exercises.


Mónica Reppas-Schmid, MA Intercultural Relations
Gabriela Brock former participant, co-facilitator

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