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We Support International Individuals and Families during
their Transition and Adaptation to Switzerland


The main targets of the CH-Q System are empowering individuals and groups to make use of their own potential in a deliberate an realistic way and accept full personal responsibility for it, to take charge of managing their own skills, competencies and qualifications in a sustainable way and last but not least to focus on resources and solutions while planning their careers.

Offered by
WEFA and Living Cultures

We believe that moving to Switzerland is an opportunity to look at your professional and personal goals from a different perspective.

The workshop  “Self management of competencies CH-Q”  takes you through a process with immediate benefits.

You will:

• obtain a CH-Q 1 certificate which is internationally acknowledged
• empower yourself to act autonomously while living in Switzerland
• link different areas of your life and feel more balanced
• develop a sense of belonging
• allow yourself space to think about your professional and personal goals
• focus on your competencies as an international person
• understand and value your achievements
• work on your own portfolio which you may use in the future
• value your competencies and put them into action

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self management of competencies CH-Q
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